About Me(brief profile)

If a roaring lion, restless chimpanzee and hissing snake gives you goose bumps yet excites you equally, I am delighted to be aboard the same flight with you.
My friends call me a jungle bloke due to my strong attachment to wildlife and nature. World Tourism Organization certifies me as a creative self-driven professional Travel and Conservation Journalist. You can call me Solomon Mario Oleny, a spirited—humble writer who looks forward to meeting you someday for a healthy exchange of ideas about conservation and life in general.
Having been born by a Ugandan mother and Kenyan father, I am a dual citizen of both East African Countries.

By virtue of my profession and passion, much of my works are centered on exploring and profiling the respective tourism attractions and experiences of Destination Africa.

I am the Editor of View Uganda, a Travel Media Endorsed by Ministry of Tourism to promote destination Africa. I also Founder of Wedding and Honeymoon Guide-Uganda. On the continental scene, I am a contributing writer for SAWUBONA the in-flight Magazine for South African Airways and Travel Africa Magazine, one the three most authoritative Travel Magazines on the continent.

Background to my career

My Journalism career was birthed 9 year back at Vision Group, Uganda’s National Media House. While here, I served as a senior Travel Writer with Flair for her Magazine, Bride and Groom Magazine, and Pearl of Africa, a weekly magazine that is dedicated towards the promotion of Uganda as a prime tourism destination.
What my job entails
To write from a fully informed point of view, 90% of my work is traveling. Since the start of my career 9 years back, I have been to over 250 major tourism attractions of Eastern and Southern Africa.


Although I am happily married to eco-tourism, I also have a terrific affair with cultural tourism, spiritual tourism and agro-tourism. Explore my world on this platform. Q&As, comments, suggestions, and opinions are welcome.
My Conservation background
Much of my conservation works/articles are dedicated to creating a world free of inter human-wildlife conflict. The main organizations I have been working with for the last four years include WWF, Jane Goodall Foundation, Uganda Conservation Foundation, WILD AID, Uganda Wildlife Authority and Rhino Fund Uganda. The one thing they all share in common is that they are at the forefront of protecting endangered wildlife species.
I love the Big Five but I am certainly more I am more passionate about primatology. As such, my priority is advocating for initiatives that favour the growth in population of Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees, both of which come across as critically endangered. Partly to blame for this is human encroachment on their habitats.
Simply put, if you are looking for me and my phones are off, don’t stress yourself to the limit. There’s nothing to worry about. I am safe, probably out in some wild jungle with my either of my three conservation mentors; Dr. Jane Goodall, Lilly Ajarova  or Dr. Gladys Kalema