About Me( in brief)

If a roaring lion, restless chimpanzee and hissing snake gives you goose bumps yet excites you equally, I am delighted to be aboard the same flight with you.
My friends call me a jungle bloke due to my strong attachment to wildlife and nature. World Tourism Organization certifies me as a creative self-driven professional Travel and Conservation Journalist. You can call me Solomon Mario Oleny, a spirited—humble writer who looks forward to meeting you someday for a healthy exchange of ideas about conservation and life in general.

By virtue of my profession and passion, much of my works are centered on exploring and profiling the respective tourism attractions and experiences of Destination Africa. 

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Coastal Aviation

Coastal Aviation is East Africa’s biggest flying safari company, with a fleet of 32 planes, mostly grand caravans. It offers daily flights to National Parks and outstanding destinations in the region. Founded 30 years back, Coastal Aviation has a flying safari network capable of accessing the remotest parts of the Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Zanzibar, where no roads would yet reach, or possibly ever do so.

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Background of my writing career

 In 2012, my second year at University I woke up to the realization that I needed money. That I needed a real solution for survival as opposed to eying handouts from family. And that triggered many a thought. And like many educational theories dictate, I made an analysis of myself. My skills, weaknesses, strength, that ilk. And among the many, one memory came into play. The fact that I had a writing history.

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I am greatly humbled and honored to be a recipient of nine Awards since the start of my Journalism career in 2008. Seven of these have been given to me for dedicating my career to promoting sustainable tourism and conservation in Africa…

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