Face to face with Sharks in the Indian Ocean(Destination of the month)

It is easy to get over many exciting things, but not a face to face encounter with lots of enormous sharks in their natural setting. Imagine yourself surrounded by beautiful Blacktip sharks, dusky sharks, Zambezi sharks and Sand tiger sharks.
Two months back, I and eight friends went shark cage diving in the warmer waters of Aliwal Shoal, a rocky reef approximately 5 km off the coast of KawZulu Natal Province.
Precisely, the adventure entails observing aquatic species of the Indian Ocean from a square cage. For better views and safety, we were to wear diving masks. Among the mentioned species, the dominant was the sand tiger sharks. They had sharp, pointy heads, and bulky bodies. For folks who derive pleasure from fright (like me), this face to face experience wasn’t good enough.
Fortunately, I was at liberty to go scuba diving for an up-close and personal experience with them. As hoped, the new challenge was more fulfilling; I guess this was because they were far. I mean, things ceased to be funny the minute one of them noticed I was around. With its small eyes fixed on me, it started to propel itself towards me. At once, its jaws dropped thus exposing three rows of its sharp edged teeth which are perfectly aligned to bite effortlessly. Afraid for the worst, I would panic stroking the water upwards only for reality to hit me hard. I didn’t know how to swim. Guessing my day to cross the divide had come, I attempted to say a last prayer with my eyes open just to be sure my prayers were working. Alas, they were not. On the contrary, the more I worshiped the giver of life, the closer my uninvited visitor got to me. The most unbelievable part of the story is that as all this happened, the crew I had dived with were all just looking on, ready to capture the moment with their cameras. As it turned out, they weren’t worried one bite because the shark had only come to play. However seeing to it that I was terrible company, it turned tail and went where the fun was.
Ooh, what a day!!! That said, I cannot recommend Aliwal Dive Center and Lodge enough. It is the agency we went for the adventure with. An agency I remember for being very professional and paying attention to safety. For more options of where you can go shark diving, visit South African Tourism.

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