My Team

Fanny Martinez-Brand Manager(right hand side of above picture)
The first time I met Fanny in 2014 during her third visit to the country, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to meet her again. Yes we both had a strong thing for nature and we were both adventurous. However, we had a totally different appreciation of what democracy is about, a subject that sparked up a very heated argument. Before we knew it, the argument had exploded into bitter exchanges with little room for a harmonious ending. I couldn’t see her world from mine. Startlingly, the conversion took a totally different twist that saw us laughing ourselves senseless over each other’s accents. In a bit, the happiness had opened the floor for a discussion about the future of conservation in Africa. It was during this exchange that I noticed how intelligent and open minded she is. I couldn’t help it interest her right away to throw her weight behind my career. I haven’t looked back since then.

Sebidde Kiryowa-My Logistics Manager and Founding Editor

S.K is one of Uganda’s pioneer Travel Journalists and one of the few who has traversed all the six continents exploring at least a third of their key attractions. He has groomed me, promoted me and given me autonomy.
Did I say he is also Editor of Uganda’s biggest Entrepreneurship paper, Pakasa. Published every Friday, Pakasa also doubles as the founder of Uganda’s biggest Entrepreneurship dialogue, the Pakasa forum. Despite all that he has achieved, S.K maintains a very low profile, a way of life I strongly subscribe to.

Meet the Editors of Vision Group who have not only groomed me into the man I am today but further made me want to be a better tiger.
Esther Namugoji, John Eremu, Lucy Parwot, Diana Kadama, Catherine Mwesigwa, Keturah Kamugasa, Cynthia Nankumba, Gerald Tenywa, Sydney Miria, Apollo Mubiru, Gerald Tenywa, Babra Kaija.